Friday, August 21, 2009

One for the HIT boys

from Pure HIT


Bob said...

It's the Big Five workout from Body by Science! His reps are a bit quicker than McGuff recommends, but the exercises are the same. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

is that seriously supposed to be a good workout? leg press? hammer strength machines? nautilus?! do they even still make that stuff?

jleeger said...

I fell asleep at minute 2...what happens?

piper said...

I'm a 45 year old woman in San Diego and I bet $100 dollars that I can do more rounds of "Cindy" than this guy can (if you don't know what/who Cindy is go to Anyone interested?
If you really want to exercise, wear shorts.

Anonymous said...

Slow, controlled movements...great if you're bodybuilding...not so great for everyday, normal lifestyle. Good luck trying to get on all those machines at a gym without having to wait.

Chris said...


what do shorts have to do with anything?

So what if you can do more rounds of cindy? What does that prove or mean?

Some maturity please

Sifter said...

Here's my recommendation:

Bench, incline or military press
Pullups or rows
Ab wheel
KB Swings (or snatches)

Go home.

Justa said...

Awful nice of them to leave the plates on for someone else to clean up. Oh. I guess putting them away is too much exercise. Kinda like part of the program or something, huh?

Sorry. I just don't believe the exercise sweet spot in terms of time is five minutes. I'm all for the less is more theory, but at some point to much less just isn't enough.

Anonymous said...

sorry for a delayed comment...just getting to my mail.

in order to stimulate fast twitch fibers, you need to fatigued the slow ones first and completely exhaust them. (if you don't know why FT fibers are so important, please look them up)

strength gains, weight loss, protection of body tissues, and immune function are all tied to FT fibers.

"chronic cardio", long workout sessions, only stim ST fibers and are not that protective...and this type of exercise increases deleterious stress upon the body.

in addition, studies have shown, we need upwards of 7-10 days of recovery before another intense workout period...NOT everyday, nor every other day, or 3 times a week workouts of wasteful, low intensity workouts that never stim FT fibers.

intensity is key, followed by at least a week off for repair.

dr john