Monday, September 14, 2009

Simple and Straightforward

you know, I tend to think that Craig's sales pitches are way over the top, but to be honest his programmes - Turbulence Training - are pretty solid.


Anonymous said...

If what you say about Craig is true, then why does he look wimpy and weak?

Also, he seems angry in a few of his vids.

Anyone who works out right, eats right and sleeps right has good demeanor, usually.

Most of these popular workout gurus (read: as seen on Youtube) as well as the exercise cults that exist -- Crossfit -- lack any rhyme or reason.

Because the workouts of these gurus and cults lack useful design toward activity, the workouts do not built toward a future.

A good way to training the mind and body is to train like an athlete for burst sports, e.g., tennis, rugby, football.

The correct way to train considers energy systems (aerobic and anaerobic), muscles and joints, activities.

Rannoch Donald said...

I have to pitch in here Anon...

Whilst CB's sales pitch is relentless, here offers simple effective methods for average people. And this is the key.

You talk about training enrgy systems and training geared towards specific activities. well I am afriad that applies to a very small percentage of folks out there. Infact ,if I were to identify one thing that stops people making progress it is strying to adhere to routines and protocols that are beyond the average persons reach.

Most people don't have a bsic foundation from which to build general fitness and wellbeing, yet they gravitate to the programs offered in the fitness mags that promise radical results in 28 days.

In truth, the average person will seem greater returns from a simple bodyweight program, done consistently with intensity.

If you are not an athlete, the fastest route to injury and over training is to train like one.

Think general, think foundation. Once you have that nailed we can talk specifics.