Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Egg yolks....good for your eyes!

Of course eggs are good for you

: Consumption of 4 egg yolks/d, and possibly of 2 egg yolks/d, for 5 wk benefited macular health in older adults with low MPOD. Serum HDL cholesterol increased without an increase in LDL cholesterol in this study population,


Jim Purdy said...

Earlier today, I ate 6 whole eggs fried in canola oil. Am I gonna die this afternoon?

Chris said...

No....but you really should pour the canola oil down the drain and use butter

Chris said...

Jim - judging by the blogs you list on your blog - Hyper lipid, Barry Groves etc - you should know better than Canola oil!

Jim Purdy said...

Chris, I'm influenced by Gary Taubes book, GCBC, and I'm trying to avoid carbs, which are plentiful in butter.

If I were to choose between olive oil and canola oil, I understand that canola oil withstands high cooking temperatures better than olive oil.

Would grease from cooking beef or pork be any better?

Bryce said...

Jim, what makes you think that carbs are plentiful in butter? Just because milk has lots of sugar, doesn't mean butter does. Check the nutritional info. You'll find "0" carbs. Granted, there may actually be .4 carbs, but trace amounts that small are more than worth it for all the delicious and healthy saturated fats your getting. Yes, I said healthy saturated fats.

GCBC is an amazing book, but I have no doubt Gary Taubes would rather you use butter than Canola oil.

warm regards,

Jim Purdy said...

Oops! I used another nutrition data source, which showed butter having lots of carbs.

Lots of MILLIGRAMS of carbs.

Nothing like being off by a factor of 1,000.

Chris said...

Glad we sorted that out! Enjoy the butter Jim - it tastes great and is good for you. Taubes would like it too.

Robert McLeod said...

Canola oil only has a higher smoke point than olive oil because it's lightly hydrogenated to remove the omega-3 PUFA fraction.

For cooking above the boiling point of water, use clarified butter or extra-virgin coconut oil. At some point, I'm going to remember to take pictures next time I clarify butter and write a tutorial.

Extra-virgin palm oil would be fine too, but I've never seen such a thing.

Brad said...

I had 4 eggs, scrambled this morning cooked in the left over beef fat from my steak the night before (and full of all that good beefy flavor!). The eggs were beaten with an ounce of heavy whipping cream. I had another ounce with my coffee. In all a pretty high protein and sat. fat meal. It has kept me going strong all day.