Friday, October 23, 2009

National Fitness Test

I read this in the paper today - a new way to test your fitness.

The National Fitness Test is the brainchild of Dave Reddin, a fitness trainer for the Rugby World Cup squad and a consultant to Team GB. "I wanted to show people how easy it is to take control of your fitness and get a fair assessment that is relative to age and sex," he says.

The fact that the test is home-based and requires little more than a tape measure, a computer (visual and written instructions appear on the screen as and when you need them), a watch with a second hand, and a set of weighing scales certainly make it accessible to all and maximises its appeal. But is the test valid?

The site is interesting.

The concept of fitness is always a bit puzzling - fit for what? At least it looks at different elements - BMI, strength, flexibility, heart rate recovery.

Strength is measured by two isometric moves - wall squat and the plank.....not sure how valid that is but as far as it goes it is interesting.

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