Monday, November 23, 2009


I read this today:

complicated sells, simple works

Interesting thought to reflect on. There is a lot of cash in this field, a lot of people trying to make a living and a lot of them are trying to sell you something: a book, a course, a workshop.

There isn't much money in the simple stuff - but that is what works


Craig B. said...

Chris- when I first started lifting, I ended up on a super-simple John Christy/Bill Starr kind of thing and it did wonders. 12 years later I am back to the same thing, and I expect the same results. Not saying the other stuff is crap, but that you are dead right. Simple works, but simple is strangely hard to actually DO in practice.

Chris said...

Cheers craig.

I used to read Christy's stuff in the old Hardgainer magazine. SImple straightforward stuff as you say, but it worked.

Mick said...

Couldn't agree with this more. I see so many people counting calories, buying big books and putting themselves through rigid regimes.

But the thing is humans aren't designed to be stuck in rigid systems. We're flexible, we have emotions, ups and downs. we want freedom, not rules. The easiest and most simple solution is the best.

I go to the gym once a week, I eat a paleo-ish diet and do simple Intermittent Fasting. I'm 178cms, 64kgs and about 10% body fat, and I feel great! Its so simple that I could teach anyone in 5 minutes.

The MellowJohnny said...

So true. In my business of helping people end chronic pain caused by inner tension, it is the simple mindful breathing or at-home journaling practice or the choice to think a different thought that really really works.

Monte Hueftle