Tuesday, November 24, 2009

IF gets mainstream

Intermittent fasting hits the mainstream papers:

Feast or famine: The diet that won't just help you lose weight, you'll live longer and be brainier!

The article is referring mainly to the up Day Down Day diet that I mentioned here.

As ever I recommend Brad's writing's in Eat Stop Eat on this subject


Jim Purdy said...

Interesting newspaper article, but when I fast, I prefer longer fasts, because my hunger doesn't stop until about the third day. After that, I can go many days without any hunger.

Maybe instead of alternate-day eating, I should try alternate-week eating?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad i bought Eat Stop Eat a few months ago. It is the only approach that has controlled my bodyfat. Believe me ive tried them all! No more kidding myself that my trousers have shrunk in wash.....

SolidMastery said...


I am soo lucky that I stumbled on your conditioning research website. I actually started my fasting research from your linked Fast-5 website.

I knew it was destined to be after listening to an unrelated podcast http://wtfpod.libsyn.com/ (ep. 26) where a guest mentioned a very similar approach to eating -- apparently she was unaware of the existence of such a diet/lifestyle that she deemed her own.

Now I am giving the Fast-5 a go (in conjunction with my quasi-paleo eating habits/HIT training). I immediately adapted to the Fast-5 since I have been unconsciously doing this from time to time in the past.

Also kudos for your excellence in scientific reporting. Very inspiring.