Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Butter revolutionary - direct action!

This guy is a hero. I mentioned the nutty doctor who wants to Ban Butter!

This fellow took some direct action! Read the whole story

Dr. Shyan Kolvekar was reported widely calling to ban butter and Britain’s Food Standards Agency is conducting a campaign against saturated fats, even though the evidence shows that the artificial fats in margarine and vegetable oils cause heart disease, in partnership with refined sugar and white flour, which confuse the liver into producing harmful fats.

So I decided to confront the bureaucrats directly and hand out Butter is Better flyers to the hospital where Dr. Kolvekar works. The printers seem to have supported me, because I asked for 300 flyers, and they printed well over 1000. The stack was 4 inches at least and it took me 14 hours to get rid of them. I left the hospital after they issued me a retraction, distancing themselves from his comments and I then moved onto the Food Standards Agency, blitzing them with hundreds of flyers for seven whole hours.
Finally the hospital said this ban the butter lunacy was nothing to do with them!


Stargazey said...

Very inspirational, Chris. Thanks for letting us know about it!

Chris said...

Stargazey - great to hear form you again. Hope you are doing ok.

Asclepius said...

I blogged a year ago (tongue in cheek) about the 'paleo insurgency' never thinking that 'paleo' would be much more than a word-of-mouth movement.

It is great to see such 'activism' taken to the streets.

Dr John Briffa has taken the surgeon involved to task - more details available on his blog.

Patrick dale said...

Butter is best - margarine is not much better then a chemistry experiment in a tub. Good that this view is not just held by me! As I understand it, butter contains so many healthful things which are naturally occuring it's virtually a health food...arachnidonic acid, Wulzen factor X, glucosphingo lipoids, zinc and so on. A