Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food Rationing?

The BBC had a piece up today looking back to war time food rationing in the UK and how - allegedly people were healthier and less obese then. Building on this they were considering the idea of re introducing food rationing to limit the unhealthy foods in our current diet. I do not like that idea - the usual definition of unhealthy is "fat" which they want to replace with grains. I'd rather do the opposite. My diet is my decision and the government can get their hands off it.

Anyway, the thing that interested me was the analysis of how food intake has changed since the war.

We are eating more biscuits (cookies to you Americans) but lots less lard.....and we are getting fatter! Apart form the preserves it would be good to reverse that whole diagram.


SolidMastery said...

I don't like your tone when you wrote: (cookies to you Americans)

Chris said..., sorry

Sue said...

A wee bit sensitive...