Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lose Weight - Cut the carbs...

This is fantastic.....hat tip to Richard

Low carb diets used to be prescribed by doctors! I love the way there were no qualms then about calling people fat


Anonymous said...

but still, in the end of the video, the emphasis is being put on the sheer amount of food and not on macronutrient ratio which somehow contradicts advice to reduce sugars and starches given in the beginning

but, yes, personal experience proves that you still have to watch calories even following a low carb regime

mike said...

anti carbs guys can say whatever they want but if you want to lose real fat, you have to count your calories, thats all, the only weight that you lose when you restrict carbs are water not fat, ONLY THE CALORIC DEFICIT MAKE YOU LOSE FAT!

Chris said...

There is no need to shout Mike. No point in discussing things with you either by the look of it.

Michael said...

Mike said:


Wow...I've lost over 20 lbs. of water, then? Strange, I'm not thirsty...


I trust you mean with the intent to reduce caloric intake, or maintain a low caloric intake. But are you saying one can eat 100% carbs and lose weight? At least reasonably?

Do you disagree with the science that demonstrates the effect of carbs on insulin levels, and the effect of insulin levels on metabolism? Namely, high insulin leads to fat storage?

Sue said...

Video was great and

MIKE - when you restrict the sugars and starches its easier to achieve a caloric deficit.

Asclepius said...

Mike - if you reduce 'calories in' then your body will reduce 'calories out'. They are not independent variables. (Read GCBC).

You should think of this at the cellular level. If the cells cannot access one's fat stores (due to high levels of insulin in the bloodstream), then your body will have to do one of two things - make you eat more, or, make you lethargic (ie so you burn energy commensurate with this lowered energy level).

Needless to say, reducing insulin levels provides an ACCESSIBLE energy source that the cells can sequester as needed. Fat loss is about hormonal changes. The subsequent changes in energy consumption and usage are downstream of this hormonal change.

Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff man!

While low carb diets works, fewer calories coming in vs going out is the basis of all diets.

I like the idea of metabolic flexibility that your body should be able to shift fuel sources from carbs to fat and back forth in an efficient manner.

If you believe we are survival based (which I do), then this is a great survival mechanism too.

rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
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Shawn said...

Great video. Losing weight the intelligent way has never been so easy. When it comes to weight loss, everybody looks for immediate results to lose weight quickly. Eating carbs and loosing weight, seems very interesting.