Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Homework

Here is some homework for you.

One of the best sites on the internet for those interested in Evolutionary fitness is Keith Thomas'

I have an interview coming up with Keith.

Do some preparation: go over to his site and get familiar with his material

This is a typically instructive and challenging page from Keith: Keith's food intake in 2008


pieter d said...

I don't remember how I stumbled upon, but it was one of the first sites on evolutionary fitness I found. Indeed very interesting. I don't know why it does notget cited or referred to more often in the paleo/primal/evolutionary/ancestral/whateveryoucallit circles.

Mr. Thomas also has nice, complementary views and philosophies and uses references and authors not cited very often.

Also a true n=1 experimenter.

Chris said...

Agreed. I am looking forward to the interview with him. He is a great guy.

Chris said...


by the way is this: you?

pieter d said...


Are you the evil eye that sees everything? ;-) Yes that's me, for a marksdailyapple contest

this is also me, maybe a bit more representative:


Chris said...


I was looking at an Erwan le Corre vid on YouTube and your video was suggested as a related one. Your son is so cute!

Where in Belgium are you? I was in Brugge a couple of years ago for a weekend and went to Antwerp once.

pieter d said...

I live near Leuven, the old university town, just on the edge of the forest you see in the video. That forest is big, for belgian standards, so that's really nice.