Monday, January 25, 2010

Stone Age Power

Anyone with an interest in Paleo Diet and Exercise should do themselves a favour and download Matt Metzgar's book Stone Age Power

Matt has been writing and researching evolutionary fitness for years and is an original thinker who looks deeply into a lot of different subjects. While the book was first written in 2002 it has stood the test of time. A lot of people have come to the paleo approach quite recently but much wisdom is already out there and needs to be thought through.

Matt reminds me a lot of Tamir Katz in his approach and integrity.

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Natural Athlete said...

I really enjoy mats blog I did not enjoy this e-book. Some statements are simple untrue. We are not genetically, imunnodefensivelly, morphometrically or gastrointestinally identical to stone age people. See the 10,000 years explosion for overveiw of how much we have changed.

Even just using the paleo model Hunter foragers eat fat and organ meat preferentially, if we get properly raised animals the fat should be prised.

When it comes to movement activities the range of activity levels and types of activity are much higher then reported and more recent studies have emphasized a higher level of activity among hunter foragers.

Another thing that bothers me few paleo bloggers talk about the fact the hunter foragers must move through complex environments not on flat roads and trails, especially those in mountains or wooded terrain, walking, sprinting and deadlifting is far from complete. You need to climb, jump, move on all fours, swim, and otherwise navigate complex terrain if you want to mimic the movement patterns of hunter foragers.