Sunday, January 24, 2010

Warm up

I've talked about joint mobility before. Most recently I have referred to the z health seminar I went to with mc.

Here is another approach

from Dutch Lowry

It would be an exercise session in itself for many


Derek said...

Tai chi boasts healthier joints from it's oractice. The older joint mobility video had a lot of similar movements to tai chi.
Also, check out super joints by pavel. It has a lot of drills but I'm not sure how backed up by science it is.
I'd say that parkour, with so many diverse and dynamic movements, gets a lot of the benefits, that one might get from these mobility drills. The whole discipline is a mobility drill, I guess. I'm biased, of course, being a practitioner, but on a logical basis, moving will keep you mobile.

Natural Athlete said...

I have noticed that as well, when training parkour regularly I feel not need to pursue specific mobility drills. Recently I have been limited by a foot injury and prehab and mobility has felt much more necessary. Just anecdotal but interesting. Here is in example of good parkour warm up that I think adresses allot of mobility,

I do somewhat similar things though I like to incorporate elements of capoeira and under overs drills as well.

Marc said...

Thanks for sharing...thought it was a pretty good warm up, and for most a good reference to use.


Hans Hageman said...

As I get older, the mobility stuff becomes more critical. This would definitely keep the warm up from getting boring. It would also get the mind focused for the work to come. Thanks!

John Sifferman said...

Great, simple warmup routine by Dutch!

mc said...

thanks for sharing Chris
i guess it's all about context:
for what is one doing these moves? what are they supposed to help particularly? how do you know they're doing that?

mc said...

Great post Chris! The inch worm is a great warm-up. And like you said it's especially good for mobility! I used to swim competitvely and my team would do this to get limbered up! Thanks for sharing :)


Chris said...


I get your point and your scientific approach is an appropriate "stop and think" alert.

you are right, just because it looks complex and challenging doesn't necessarily mean it is worthwhile.

I suppose i was posting it as a general warm up which moves lots of joints in an attempt to prepare you for further exercise. It is something I can imagine doing to warm up before a workout. It would be a psychological warm up as much as anything.

In terms of Z I do not suppose it is optimal in that it isn't moving every joint through a complete range of motion.