Saturday, January 9, 2010

A very strong girl

This is outrageous. At 44 she is 2 years older than me......and a damn site better at chins!

From You Tube:
Created on December 7, 2009. My name is Crystal West and I am 44. I compete in figure, bikini, and pull-up events. In this video I completed 39 pull-ups. I taped this at the start of back training. More info at

I like the three people in the background sitting around and talking while she is doing this. Such a contrast. So many gyms are like that - there are one or two people working really hard and intensely and loads of others sitting about talking.

No kipping either.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but she does the thing that pisses me off about people doing pull ups. She shorts herself at the bottom, my pull up numbers increase quite a bit if I take out the hardest two inches. Other than that strong effort and work!!

Mike Kingscott said...

Oh, big deal, I can do 40 chins.

In about 10 weeks.

But I'd need some cake inbetween ;-)

Very nice work :-)

W8liftinmom said...
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W8liftinmom said...

Yep, she does short her ROM at the bottom and at the top, but 39 is still strong work.

Not only do I see people sitting around clearly talking about her while she works, but I see fat people not working in the background.

January 9, 2010 1:16 PM

JB said...

No, the hardest 2 inches of a chin/pull-up are definitely NOT at the bottom as one poster implies; for the great majority of people, it occurs at the point where the flexion angle of the arms are at 90 degrees bend.

And, the style she uses at the top looks fine to me though a bit harder to judge with the missing cross bar.

Not extending all the way down is likely a bit easier on her elbow joints too... it seems to be working well for her intended purposes.

Yes, the pull-ups would fall short of the style needed for some sort of official record. She makes up for it somewhat by the smoothness she performs the reps, no jerking or the least bit of kipping out of the bottom.

I give her a 99 on a grade of 100; and she's one in likely a million for female chinners.

Very good! Brad Reid

Chris said...

Brad - you are right. Did you read my interview with Bill DeSimone?

JB said...


No, but I'll look it up and read it today!


Rannoch Donald said...

NOt full range of motion but as someone who does a lot of pull ups I have to say she is smooth and moves really well. I use FROM for sets of 5 to 10. For a long set like this with no kipping, she's solid.

My preference is always FROM that said, I have no idea what her joints are like.