Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Paleo diet business......

From Livestrong:

(Florida Today) -
Former NFL guard John Welbourn eats like a caveman, and he’s happy to share information about how good that feels.

Welbourn follows a Paleo diet, which aims to mimic what our earliest ancestors ate. Cavemen and women were hunters and gatherers, eating what they could find or kill. Meat, seafood, fruit and nuts were their regular diet. There were no chemicals, nothing artificial in their food.

Those who follow the Paleo diet believe that it’s more natural. They claim that it naturally regulates hormone and insulin levels. They feel more energy.

John Welbourn believes in it so much that he’s co-founded a mail order company, Paleo Brands, Inc., that supplies gourmet freeze-dried Paleo meals.

There is more here: Paleo Diet takes us back to healthy caveman days


CrackleDawg said...

Freeze-dried Paleo meals? Just like our caveman ancestors ate? I think the movement is going astray.

olddude said...

Thats why it shouldn't be a movement. They always go astray because they follow the path of human emotion. Wrap yourself in facts and take a nap.