Saturday, February 20, 2010

Injury 1

This continues on a bit from my post about "skills".

I have occasionally mentioned on this blog my recurrent back spasms. Occasionally I get a back spasm. Usually in the quadratus lumborum. It has been going on for years since a deadlift workout in about 1992.

When I am injured - and I've had a couple of episodes this last couple of weeks - all this stuff about exercise and conditioning goes into the background. The focus is on simple movement. Just to be able to move freely and without pain is sometimes a great blessing that we can take for granted.

Skill sets start with being able to walk, sit, get dressed. When they are in place then the essentials are there!


olddude said...

Hi Chris,
Scott Sonnon is a genius who some of us will ignore because he is part of an incredible marketing machine but the guy is spot on about movement,tension,physcology,etc.

taliesen said...

Hi Chris

FWIW, I too suffered very brief but very intense spasms in my left quadratus lumborum for years; on and off, also, I felt, often related to my emotional condition. I have been spasm free for 8 years now; what fixed it for me was a course of trigger point / myofascial massage. This particular therapy has, for me, also successfully addressed knee, shoulder and elbow pains. Worth investigating, IMHO.