Monday, May 10, 2010

interval training - boosts anaerobic and aerobic performancea

Nothing earth-shattering here - another study that indicates that sprint training has broad benefits:

10 or 30-s sprint interval training bouts enhance both aerobic and anaerobic performance

These data indicate that 10-s (with either 2 or 4 min recovery) and 30-s SIT bouts are effective for increasing anaerobic and aerobic performance


praguestepchild said...

"VO2max increased in the 30:4 (9.3%) and 10:4 (9.2%), but not the 10:2 group. Wingate peak power kg−1 increased (P < 0.05) in the 30:4 (9.5%), 10:4 (8.5%), and 10:2 (4.2%). Average Wingate power kg−1 increased (P < 0.05) in the 30:4 (12.1%) and 10:4 (6.5%) groups."

Interesting that the 4 minute rest intervalers showed more improvement than the 2 minuters. This is the opposite of what I'd have predicted. Would've been interesting if they'd added in a Tabata group. I imagine they were afraid of being arrested for torture ;) I will stick with my Tabata-ish protocol for now.

Anonymous said...

Were these untrained/mildly trained individuals or moderate to highly trained (in terms of aerobic training levels)? Makes all the difference in the world, obviously, as the former will get fitter and faster no matter what they do, and they'll get fitter more quickly doing sprints - then they'll plateau. The latter athletes will not get much benefit from 10 sec sprints if they're endurance athletes. Why do they keep doing these ridiculous studies over and over again?

Chris D said...

Probably moderately trained individuals. Baseline V02max was above 45 in all the groups looking at figure 2.

"Forty-eight young adults (26 kinesiology students, 19 ultimate Frisbee players, and 3 other physically active individuals; 35 men and 13 women) volunteered to participate (24 ± 3.2 years, 173 ± 9.3 cm, 74 ± 13.7 kg, 17 ± 8.1% body fat, 47 ± 6.7 ml kg−1 min−1)."