Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another reason to build - and maintain - muscle

Muscular heart failure patients may have a better chance at survival

......research found that having more muscle was associated with better nutritional status and lower severity of heart failure, while higher body fat was associated with increased inflammation and reduced exercise capacity. This suggests that in patients with heart failure having more muscle mass and lower fat may be beneficial.

The study also discovered that testing just the body mass index (BMI) of heart failure patients doesn't accurately measure their body fat status. Oreopoulos found 41 per cent of the participants were inaccurately classified by BMI. Many who had a high body weight but not high body fat were mislabelled as obese and others who did not weigh a lot but had a high amount of body fat were mislabelled as normal by BMI.


clown said...

It's my understanding that larger skeletal muscle increases risk of hypertension.. does not mix well with heart failure..

Steven Low said...

Considering that omega 3 and 6 are stored within adipose tissue... it would make sense that if you got fat on processed food made from industrial seed oils you would have high amounts of inflammatory omega 6 in your body.

Hence why Poliquin and Wolf really push the fish oil, especially for those who are obese to counteract the high omega 6 content.

Skeletal muscle does increase blood pressure for the simple fact that it increases venous return (as muscles help veins move blood along back to the heart). However, considering that if you actually exercise to gain muscle the higher pressure loads put on the heart will force the heart itself to adapt.

Obviously, we don't want to load up someone with congestive heart failure with this type of exercise though. Diet is going to prove more beneficial and proper exercise can be done after the risk decreases.

For people who are at risk of heart disease it's important to get them on a proper diet and exercise though to prevent things like congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis, etc. from occurring.