Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get the kids moving.

indeed.....get out and play kids:

Diet vs exercise for the prevention of pediatric obesity: the role of exercise

As pediatric obesity is commonly viewed as the result of an excessively positive energy balance, preventive efforts typically emphasize reduction of energy intake, with increases in physical activity (PA) having a supporting role. However, recent research that has focused on body composition rather than weight has found that PA stimulates development of lean tissue rather than fat tissue. Preventive interventions that emphasize vigorous PA rather than restriction of energy intake can help youths to develop lean bodies, at the same time that they ingest sufficient amounts of the energy and accompanying nutrients needed for healthy growth.

of course diet is important too.....

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the choice to be healthy gets shelved for too long. Unless a really wise person passes on the value, you learn it a bit too late in life. I take refuge in the fact that as a parent, I can tell my kids as early as now to make that decision today