Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On line training

A couple of weeks ago I put up an interview that I had done with Fred Fornicola. He is a good guy. After I did the interview I found out that he is a friend of my pal here in Edinburgh Colin who runs Edinburgh Deep Tissue Massage. Colin spoke very highly of him. Small world.

Anyway, Fred has started a new service, offering On-Line Training.

If you are looking to improve your training it might be worth your while getting in touch with Fred.


• In-Depth Consultation
• Health History Evaluation
• Goal Setting
• Exercise Selection and Equipment Recommendations
• Personalized Exercise Program


• Review of Training Video Performance
• Email Inquiries
• And much, much more.

If you are interested, Fred Fornicola can be contacted at 908.433.4542 or via email at fredfornicola@gmail.com. For more information about Fred and Premiere Personal Fitness, visit www.PremierePersonalFitness.com.


Initial Consultation (by appointment) - $40.00

Hour Phone Session (by appointment) - $75.00

30 Minute Follow up (by appointment) - $30.00

Additional emails inquiries and video performance evaluation extra.

“Fred has always gone above and beyond to help me with any health, nutrition and training related questions or assistance I needed, whether I am there in person or if we work together online. He is always available and always willing to share all that he has to offer.” – Vicki A.

“Fred Fornicola is a trainer. Wait, you say. You knew that. No, Fred Fornicola IS a REAL trainer. Fred is constantly thinking about how to make workouts effective given constraints thrown at him that might come with each individual. He's one trainer I would trust to train my kids. And, for me, that's a big deal. Safety while being effective is always part of his equation.” – Bill Piche


Chris- ZTF said...

Nice site re-design and great content as usual. I just read the interview with Fred and it was fascinating. Looking to order his book this afternoon....

Training Interview Questions said...

I have already ordered his book..thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

This definitely looks like a great idea. The main drawback that needs to be addressed imo is the inability to motivate clients. Otherwise this is a great way to lose stomach fat