Saturday, October 9, 2010

A quick lunch

I don't usually do food pron - others like Marc are much better.  This was a Turkey Breast salad from Subway with no dressing, plus a tin of anchovies and a tin of sardines with lots of olive oil and a few Macadamia nuts.

Easy and quick.  

By the way I'm trying to lose a bit of fat at the moment - my belly was getting a bit big with too much stress and alcohol.  Step 1 has been getting more sleep - which has cut into my internet time, but so be it.


Marc said...

Thank you for the link love.

The bigger belly is easy to achieve with too much alcohol.

I've cut down to 2-3 nights a week.
1 or 2 glasses of red wine on those nights.

When I drink, I hover around 13-15%bf, the moment I give it up for a few weeks, I drop down to 10-11%.
Proof is in the wine/pudding

Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

Thanks Marc.

Interesting experience re booze. I have had a busy and stressful time at work this year. Often I've been relaxing at night with a couple glasses wine. But my sleep has been very poor - waking up early thinking about work. Things have quietened down a little bit so I am really trying to sort things out - no booze, and lots of sleep in the dark, which I have been talking about here for years.

I'll be interested to read more of your thoughts on food after your trip to Holland.