Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Youth Fitness Certification Course

Fred Fornicola was interviewed on this blog recently.

He and Matt Brzycki recently finished creating an in-depth Youth Fitness Certification Course that covers all aspects of working with the young population of today. The 175 question exam is based on their book, "Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America's Kids" and covers nutrition, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training along with anatomy, program design and much, much more. Fred says
"Even if you don't exclusively work with young people, this exam will challenge your working knowledge as a trainer and trainee." 

Sounds like it is worth checking out.

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Tom Kelso had this to say about the exam:

"This test is challenging, yet necessary for establishing the proper goals and direction for today's youth.  In a time when we are inflicted with child obesity, an abundance of poor food options, technology that limits daily activity level that results in minimal activity/exercise and consequently earlier-than-normal health issues -- it is time to step up and dial it back toward a healthier approach.  Matt Brzycki and Fred Fornicola should be lauded for their efforts in addressing this issue and promoting healthier alternatives."  

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John Sifferman said...


You may also be interested in checking out the International Youth Conditioning Association, founded by my old friend, Brian Grasso.


I worked for the IYCA in an administrative capacity a few years ago, and they've been around a lot longer. They have a tiered system for youth fitness specialist certification, and their organization is on par with other certifying agencies such as the NSCA.

If anyone works with kids or youth (PE teachers, coaches, trainers, etc.), this is the group to get connected with and learn from.