Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution Podcasts

I think I am probably late to the party on this one, bu I have spent smoe time over the last few days listening to Robb Wolf's excellent podcasts - The Paleo Solution.    If you have not checked out these weekly programmes, please do  they are full of great information.  I like his style too although I imagine it might grate with some.

His book is superb too and has challenged me to finally really clean up my diet dumping all grains.   I was occaisionally having some grains but they were increasinly irritating my gut.


Alexandra said...

Same here with the book - not sure if it's his style, the amount of information or something else, but it has motivated me to finally "really" go Paleo, which means ditching the coffee because I can't drink it without cream! This is the first time I've ever really done without dairy.

I'm late to the podcasts as well, but they are chock full of goodness.

Only on day 4 of the real thing (I don't like to think of it as a restriction or a diet, but you know), but feeling good. I just wish I could get my parents to try it.

Chris G said...

This is something I am struggling with, I eliminated as much processed food from my diet a while ago especially sugarry stuff but grains always creep back in somewhere. By the way Chris, how is your own training going? I seem to remember you having some pre or rehab sessions a while back. How was your back during the Spanish trip?

Chris said...

My training has been struggling. Work was so busy this year. I managed to keep up Krav Maga most of the time but haven't been for 6 weeks. (My normal training is lots of walking, one HIT workout and one Krav session a week.)

I hurt my back last week - felt like a dislocated rib that is now back in place. Work is settling down so I am getting my sleep in order too which is a major thing. Also I am cutting back on booze - the nighty glass of wine was getting a bit too regular.

As I said I am just trying to get back to normal - lots of sleep and enough exercise.