Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dairy again - milk fat and diabetes

The controversy around milk still continues in my mind.  I can see the standard paleo arguments against, but the chemistry is a bit more complex.  Studies keep popping up about the health benefits of milk fat (I long  ago gave up any idea that saturated fat was unhealthy).

Here is another:

 a fatty acid in milk fat is associated with a substantially lower risk of type 2 insulin resistant diabetes.

The excellent Future Pundit blog has a good write up.


Richard said...

For those of us that can't handle dairy products, it's a lot easier to buy into the paleo argument against. ;)

Jake said...

Diary has nothing to do with it. The fat in the products fill you up so you don't eat so many carbs.

michael plunkett said...

Diary does not mean drinking milk in a glass. I have no problem using good diary, raw milk- which I can still buy is not anything like the crap found in supermarkets. Cheeses and real yougurt are fine foods. Paleo should not be a dogma like vegetarians make theirs. Until I hunt and gather my food outdoors and stay off the computer and sell the car, then I will use what is good about paleo and what is good for ME.