Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paleo enough for me

I suppoe my diet is developing now towards avoiding toxins - mainly grains and beans - rather than being obsessively low carb paleo (much influence from the Perfect Health Diet

So this lunch at Le Sept was fine - Some sort of slow cooked beef stew with mashed tatties.   Great on a cold day.
I like Le Sept.  Great value.


Anonymous said...

I'm also moving to the same approach. Still think sat fat is our best fuel, but adding a bit of "safe starch" and not going overboard with protein. Watching overall portions/calories with an eye towards leaning out.
Looks like a tasty stew!

Beth@WeightMaven said...

Me too! I always found Nora Gedgaudas' argument about moderate protein compelling, so the Jaminets' ideas in Perfect Health on moderating both protein and carbs makes lots of sense to me.

Of course, I'm not running around trying to get to single percent bodyfat, nor trying to compete on whatever WOD there is.

kellgy said...

I believe there is something to reducing protein on a regular basis. Our bodies respond better when we break up our exercise routine. Perhaps it is the same with macronutrients.

Doug said...

I think this all makes sense as well. I still do lower carb, around 80g per day, but I go for those sources that are not from grains and pulses (legumes), and that are lower in fructose (keeping fruit intake under control) - getting my carbs mostly as glucose from tubers (sweet potatoes, yams, beets, carrots etc), and occaisonally rice.

Natural saturate fats rule! I love coconut milk, oil, HDL increased considerably after eating more

Marc said...

I've never really laid off the potatoes (all varieties). Portions are important...just as protein portions are important.

I think a lot of folks primal/paleo/ef crowd eat to much protein. I think Paul Jaminet is on target with his protetin recomendations.

If you eat a lot of meat for a few days....take a break for the next day or two, I think that works fine too.
These things aren't complicated issues that we need to read research papers on...they are issues that our bodies naturally take care of themselves. We CAN and WILL loose those natural abilities when sadly for years we eat factory/chemical/processed food.

It bothers me a bit that people are sooo fanatic about it.

A vaiety of real whole foods and portions that don't leave you gasping for air seems to be a simple, user friendly and straight forward formula.

Just my 2 cents.


Richard said...

I'll do sweet potatoes or turnips as a replacement for white potatoes. But potatoes aren't something I've ever really craved, either. So I don't really see the benefit of adding them to my diet when I don't want to eat them.

My carbohydrates come mainly from fruit and I still lose weight and still feel awesome.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot to be said for timing higher carb days to coincide with exercise days.

When muscle glycogen stores are down, post workout, the body will naturally seek carbs and make better use of them.

williebr said...

As a former fattie, starchy stuff just doesn't work very well very often for me. Maybe extra starch post workout for gaining weight, but mostly just for weight gain.

Starch doesn't make me hungry like fruit however.


How is it working for you in terms of fat loss?