Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fight for your life

Erwan Le Corre had a quote on Twitter the other day:

"Run for your life". Could be jump, crawl, climb, swim, fight etc,... for your life. Moving naturally will make you feel strongly ALIVE.

That was an idea that he brought up in the clinic in Edinburgh  last month - that there are certain skills you need to develop, not for any reason other than for survival.  You may have to run for your life, jump for your life or crawl for your life.

You might also need to fight for your life.   Self defence / combatives are important skills in movnat which a lot of the people involved in the movement seem to forget.  In any case it is simple fun.

So I was back to Krav Maga tonight.  I've not been training much there for a while.  Last year was busy with work and various family problems.  This year though I want to be more regular in my attendance.

I could tell that I had been missing for a while.  In the warm up I had my ass kicked at a ladder of plyometric pushups....by a very fit girl - respect to Louise.   Then I was very rusty at just about everything.

It is skill development.  Learning techniques...punches, kicks, blocks.  It takes time, drills, repetition.  It is one of the things that has come up on this blog before - strength development is one thing, but you need to practice the skills to apply that strength.  They are different things:  strength and the application of it.

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