Saturday, January 8, 2011

A goodie bag?

Earlier today I participated in a 5Km fun run in Edinburgh - the Great Winter Run.  About 1300 were there for a snowy run around  Holyrood Park.

I don't run very often and in preparation for this just did 2 interval sessions over the past 2 weeks and while I did not post a great time (I was 31 minutes) I got around comfortably with no problems on a snowy and hilly course.

But that is not the point of this post....At the end of the race - as it usual at these events - we were given a goody bag.  The contents are below.  I laid them out on the floor when I got home.

  • A medal - thanks
  • A space blanket - handy.  Will go in my hillwalking kit
  • A nice cotton long sleeved T shirt - fine it is good and I will wear it
  • Fajita seasoning - ??? eh? WT Heck?
  • Andrex toilet roll - why?
  • Powerade - yuck.  I will pour it down the toilet and perhaps use the empty bottle
  • Powerbar - yuck...throw away or maybe emergency rations in the bottom of my rucksack...but I'd have to be desperate
  • Jointace gel - no idea what this is
  • Scholl Party Feet Blister Pack - handy for the first aid kit
  • Nature Valley Granola bar....again I will not eat this by choice 
  • Eat Natural bar... again I will not eat this by choice
  • A liquid washing detergent capsule - again........ why?

A wierd mix.  The food and drink was all sugary crap.  Useful things - blister packs, space blanket......Then there was random stuff:  toilet roll, washing detergent, fajita seasoning.



Anonymous said...

Just be thankful for sponsors and the whole demographic that likes sugar/participates in 5k runs in front of whom they're paying to get their product.

If you want to hear something really wtf, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation fundraiser walk I attended was giving out sugary granola snacks sweetened with agave, which is naturally high in fructose.

toilet paper guy said...

can never have too much toilet paper

Methuselah said...

The only thing missing from that random collection of items was a free one-month subscription to Sky. This sounds like a triumph of commericalism over practicality.

Chris said...

wins all round - the sponsors get to give away free samples to a particular demographic and the organiser looks very generous

Chirs G said...

Ha! On the brightside its pretty generous in the amount of stuff. I did the Wharfedale 1/2 marathon last year and the goody bag was a poor quality t shirt (shrank after 1st wash), a sachet of H5 energy gel, a used biro from the Black Sheep brewery and a post card from a local cottage rental company! Oh a bottle of water when you crossed the finish line. a lot of it, I think, is down to how many people are paying to enter the race. They could provise some healthier goodies though.

Chris said...

Cheers Chris.

yeah this was was the contents that amused me.

Emergency toilet paper......

Heather said...

I think the weirdest collection I got in a goodie bag included:

a package of beef jerky
a can of beer
a fortune cookie
a sorority keyring

(among more traditional things like a tee shirt and pharma samples)

Anonymous said...

5k run I did for Leukemia gave out a package that included:

-A Pink Beer Cozy
-Perfume Samplers
-A local restaurant guide
-$20 Off Coupon for a Kay Jewelers
-A local Realtor Booklet
-A Powerbar
-5% discount for Family portraits at a local photographer

As a single 27yo male I can say that I've never had a had a run make me evaluate what stage my life is in more then that one. The jokes just write themselves.

Chris said...

Anon - Love it

As a single 42 year old I understand where you are coming from!