Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Perfect Health Diet

One blog I am reading a lot of at the moment is Paul's Perfect Health Diet.  I have bought his book and it is excellent, really explaining some of the science behind food in a very accessible way.

It has been steering me more towards a different approach to eating, not paleo as such but simply avoiding toxic foods:  grains and beans mainly, but also vegetable oils and excess fructose.

There is a lot of good discussion on the blog too including around autophagy which I've mentioned here before.


Anonymous said...

I've read PHD and most of the blog. Great framework for paleo/trad nutrition. That, BBS for formal exercise, and quality sleep, maybe some massage/mobility work, moving around a lot at low intensity. Got the health and fitness aspects of life handled at last.

Neal said...

I agree with the above...but I can't stop checking the blogs. Matt Stone said it well when he said if you aren't completely baffled about nutrition, then you just haven't read enough. Same goes for fitness/exercise. I thought I was in decent shape with my mid-50's heart rate until Art Devaney recently scolded a commenter for his. BBS is great for hitting the gym just once a week. But I like being able to do lots of pullups. But that means doing pullups about every day...which is ok. Charles Washington's diet is all meat and he seems more healthy and fit than I'll ever be. Ditto for the all fruit eating SweetuicyFreelee (alert: she's a hottie!). Anthony Colpo takes on all comers who say not all calories are equal. As an experiment of one though, I know he's wrong here. I've consumed 1800-2000cal of gin 7days/week for the last 15 years along with a normal ~2000cal food diet. Fortunately the gin doesn't seem to affect my weight or blood markers (whoopee!). Just read Ferris' book and saw the usual suspects in his diet section. But in the last chapter on longevity, he says his diet includes aspects of Mignery's protein cycling. Mignery is completely off the radar of paleo bloggers.

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