Saturday, February 12, 2011

Optimal Exercise Guide Bodyblade Plus

I had something up from Bill about this the other week.  Here he explains more:

Once again, the guide is now available from Bill.  Anyone interested in buying a copy of "Optimal Exercise Guide: The Bodyblade Plus":  can get it, Paypal $20 US, $27 outside the US, including Priority Mail, to


Pat said...

Wow, Bill has lost a lot of weight. Makes him look younger.

Bill DeSimone said...

Um...before people send "get-well soon" messages, I'm actually about 5 pounds heavier than in the chin up/ 21 convention videos. More hair though, the psycho-killer look was a little harsh.

Chris said...

Bill.....don't be modest you look great! and it is all due to the material in this excellent manual ;-)