Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lack of sleep makes you take more risks

This is an interesting one. 

Using gambling games these researchers worked out that after losing a night's sleep people were more likely to take bigger risks.

Sleep Deprivation Biases the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Economic Preferences

When you are rested you are more likely to preserve yourself, defend your things.  When tired it all changes.

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Avishek said...

Hm, just three days ago I decided to walk across this log that goes over a very small stream, and my shoes lost traction and I fell on my left leg and now it's bruised so I haven't been able to jump/squat/sprint, walkdown stairs comfortably in a few days. ..

I've done it before but neevr with my gym bad, and I wasn't even feeling like it but I forced myself to, haha