Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not just for the geeks: DVDs from the Masters in the Exercise Field

I think I have quite a bit in common with Anthony

When I was 21 I was deep into Ayn Rand.  I'd worked my way through The Fountainhead and then Atlas Shrugged, marking the passages that I found particularly inspiring....John Galt's long speech.  I'd got there via Mike Mentzer - who had mentioned Rand in his interview with John Little.  Also I had been quite into Rush and their songs Anthem ("Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for.") , Closer to the Heart  and the suite 2112 were inspired by Rand.

Well that was 22 yeas ago.....I'm still fascinated by exercise and philosophy although it is a while since I opened the Fountainhead.

Who is Anthony?

Anthony is the man behind the 21 Convention - a men's convention which while oringinally focussed on "pick up" has expanded into general self development.  Last year, he had as speakers:

  • Doug McGuff MD
  • Mark Sisson
  • Drew Baye
  • Bill DeSimone
If you have been around this blog for a while you will recognise that I am also a great fan of each of those people.  I have interviewed Doug, Drew and Bill while Mark has been a great inspiration.  Anthony has great taste!

Their  talks have now been released on DVD: The 21 Convention Exercise & Nutrition Mega Pack
  •  Each is a high quality presentation of about an hour in which the speaker goes into great detail  about their subject .  

  • Each does it with great clarity.  

I've read Doug McGuff's book several times and also interviewed him but sitting through his talk here I really began to connect the dots and really "get" some of this more deeply than before.

The DVDs are professionally produced and easy to sit through.  Highly recommended.

Anthony has gathered together some of the greatest minds in exercise today.  Each knows their stuff and - in their way - each stands against much conventional wisdom with some unique persepctive and integrity.

You get the full set for  $111.95 + Standard Shipping & Handling  or they are $19.99 each.  I got mine delivered to Scotland from the States within a week.  Good value and good service.


Anonymous said...

While I'm still a fan of AR, I think Anthony is marginalizing himself with his fanatic Objectivism. Something many of us went through. AR has a lot to say but the world is very complex.

Agree on McGuff and getting it. I consider myself "post-paleo" in that it informs my thoughts but I don't seek to recreate some imaginary diet.

Chris said...

I know what you mean. I am 43 now and while I appreciate how the integrity of Rand is attractive I am no longer a fanatic.

Rod said...

It's interesting Chris that you too will be in someones progression in understanding of how it all fits together.Your desemination of interesting bits is second to none.It's up to the young guys tp find the bits they need.

Kris @ Health Blog said...

Looks like something that's well worth the low price.

I've been a fan of Mark Sisson for years and can vouch that what he has to say probably brings a lot of value.

Anonymous said...

The Drew Baye lecture is available online and is good, though not revolutionary. It looks like there were about 3 people in the audience

Anthony said...

It was difficult to get people to tune in that year (2009) to a new topic like HIT. Most simply didn't care, were tired, and used the speech as a break to recover from the event.

People were very tuned in this year to Doug, Mark, and Drews speech. Bill for some reason wanted to speak in the morning, and Sunday, the last day of the event. Needless to say a lot of people were not even awake yet.