Saturday, March 12, 2011

Useful Free Apps for iPhone

Here are a couple of other apps for the iPhone that I've been playing with.  Both are free:

The Gymboss Interval Timer -  simple, flexible interval timer.    There are some programmed intervals and also the option to set up your own.  Basic, straightforward and it works.

IF Timer -  a very simple timer that you can set up to time your fasting.  Click when you finish your last meal and choose how long you will be fasting.  It tells you how long you have left and how long the fast has lasted. could use your watch.....but it was free!  Perfect for Eat Stop Eat style fasts.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had an iPhone. I was looking at the Gymboss online yesterday.

Alex "Dude Where's My Muscle" Siddy said...

Nice find! I will definitely be installing the Interval Timer, looks awesome and will definitely help with my interval training.


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