Saturday, March 12, 2011

iPhone App Review: FitBox

11in 1 Fitbox

The designer of this one contacted me and offered me a copy of this app to review.  Work has been really busy recently so I've not had the chance to, but I have soem time this afternoon, so I'll give you some notes.

With a neat interface, this little app provides a set of programs for you to play with in your training:

  • Strength Exercises
  • Basic Run Tracker
  • Push Up Counter
  • Weight Tracker
  • Custom Trackers
  • Unit Convertor
  • Interval Timer
  • White Noises 
  • Blood Alcohol
  • BMI Calculator and Tracker
  • Stopwatch

 For the money - £1.19 is nothing - you get some nice little toys to play with.   My favourites are:

  • The interval timer - a basic set of intervals.  Not very flexible but OK
  • The Pushup Counter - a simple one, but fun - stick the iphone under your face and as you do your pushup when your nose touches the screen it counts a repetition.
  • The blood alcohol calculator - works out how pissed you are!

The index of exercises is quite good too - nothing revolutionary, but a nice little reference.

I like it.  Check it out here


Steven Rice Fitness said...

Seen anything to track exercises, weights, reps, etc while training someone? Something I could use while with clients, and then produce reports, would be useful.

Chris said...


try :