Monday, April 4, 2011

Defence against chokes

My job is really busy at the moment (hence the sporadic and rare posts).  I am working late most nights - and have been for a couple of months -  so I have not been able to get along to the regular Krav Maga classes that I attend (Krav Maga Edinburgh). 

This is what I am missing.  I know most of these moves already and already have grade 1, but I miss the classes and the laughs.


Asclepius said...

If you like your strangles and chokes then you could do worse than to look at Steve Scott's books:

1) The Grappler's Book of Strangles and Chokes
2) The Armlock Encyclopedia
3) Vital Leglocks

Best to pick a few basic moves and work them until you have them wired!

Jon Law said...

These moves look like karate kata applications; prescribed, formulated and of suboptimal value... sorry but it is like average bunkai without the kata