Sunday, April 3, 2011

A new world record deadlift: 1015lb!

Iceland’s Benedikt Magnusson smashed the world deadlift record on Saturday at MHP’s Kings of the Bench V & Clash of the Titans IV.  He made an incredibly easy looking pull of 460kg (1015lbs), performed raw, (well he used a belt but no suit).

I bet that activated his glutes.

He is the second man in history to break through the 1000lb barrier after Andy Bolton pulled 1008.9lb in 2009


Anonymous said...

I know his mum. She still calls him "Benni litli" (baby Benny)hahaha! Incredible lift.

john said...

Anon, ha, he still has a baby face.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen anyone roll the bar towards themselves prior to the lift. It makes sense--he gets a little momentum, and in the right direction (backwards) to help avoid forward drift of the bar.

Rob said...

No shoes...just socks? Better contact with the floor.