Saturday, April 16, 2011

World's oldest man did intermittent fasting

While I think such long life is probably just a Black Swan, random thing, I thought this was interesting:

World's oldest man dies at 114 - Walter Breuning was born in 1896 and put his longevity down to eating just two meals a day and working for as long as he could

Sounds like the 2 meal solution works....


Mikie said...

Interesting, but this guy is an extreme outlier, and it is not really 'proof' of intermittent fasting being effective. One could Point at a myriad of things as to why he lived so long, but he truth is that he is several deviations outside of the norm

Chuck said...

call me a stickler but don't we all geek out on the details. i mentioned this on another blog. seems what most are practicing is scheduled fasting not intermittent fasting. randomness of fasting is probably more likely what our ancestors practiced. or maybe they would have a small meal of leftovers in the morning and either a large or small meal at night depending how the days hunt went.

fasting seems like it would having beneficial effects but i am not sure todays voluntary fasters have it right.

Theah said...

I think it's more likely the "working as long as he could" thing works.

It doesn't make any sense to retire, at least the way a lot of people do. Imagine the life change you go through. Most people are interacting with people hourly and most people have physical activity in their job. You meet new people, deal with new challenges.

Work provides structure, social, mental, and physical activity. It's very hard to provide such a daily variety for yourself without work.