Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The impact of light

Marc (of Feel Good Eating) sent me this interesting link:

In Eyes, a Clock Calibrated by Wavelengths of Light

In this modern world, our eyes are flooded with light well after dusk, contrary to our evolutionary programming. Scientists are just beginning to understand the potential health consequences.

Lat year I installed Flux on my Mac to control the light it gives out in the evening.


Panic Attacks said...

Yes, our body is designed to rest a night. Creating a conducive sleep atmosphere includes dimming or closing the light. I do believe that the study is right, that there are potential health consequences.

John Sifferman said...

Yes, I've been using Flux for about a year now, too - definitely notice a difference, especially when I have to work at night. I also try to limit artificial light exposure after sunset as much as I can - even using candles when possible.