Monday, September 12, 2011

More on neuroplasticity

Golf Changes the Brain

A mere 40 hours of golf training, by middle-aged novices, led to increases in gray matter in parts of the brain involved in visual processing and motor coordination, a new study has found. The experiment stood out, among other reasons, for the informal way test subjects were allowed to pursue the training—outside the lab, on their own schedule—and it reaffirmed the plasticity of the mature brain.

 I am still finding the neuroplasticity work and its implications absolutely fascinating.  That is why I am trying to learn to juggle!   (There is a related idea here too - musicians have better hearing)

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Hatch said...

Plus, juggling is awesome! (Long time reader, first time commenter.)

I'm a professional juggler, and I do a lot of the teaching at our club. Zip me an email. Learning is much easier if you have someone to give you some pointers. Perhaps we could Skype or something.

Biggest tip - slow down.