Friday, October 7, 2011

I've been busy

Apologies that this blog has been quiet - I've been spending my free time editig my photos from the last 2 weeks which were spent walking in Spain.  I am writing up the walks on my other blog

Here is a favourite photo:

Click on the photo for a higher res version


Angela said...

Hey Chris,

Spanish fan here :D Glad to see you enjoyed hiking in Andalucia... You have gourgeous pics in your other blog.

I have recently began hiking again after some years working on my movement patterns to get out of a training-getting injured-training-getting injured patter. I attribute my success to integration on primitive reflexes, rolfing, Alexander-inspired postural work, and wearing VFF 99.9% of the time.

If you have a moment I would like to know what kind of minimal shoues would you recommend to hike in a terrain similar to the one you've seen in Andalucia.

Angela said...

Sorry, I delated my last paragraph...

If you don't have time to reply, thanks for your blog anyway... It's been my main source of inspiration all of these years all rehabbing - no fun.

Chris said...

Hi Angela. Thanks for your comments. Great to hear that I have been a help, all I am doing is recording stuff that I find of interest.

In terms of shoes I used inov8 Roclites 315

Not the most minimal of shoes, but they are very flexible and light. Around the village I was in vibrams or Invisible Shoes. I always walk in Inov8s, even in Scotland where it isa lot colder and wetter.

Angela said...

Thank you Chris. I will take a look at them. They are lighter than most of the shoes I have tried.

Yesterday I had the chance to test my VFF in varied rocky terrain, lots of loose rocks, wet mud, etc. They did surprisingly well... So my intention is to wear VFF and carry a well adjusted pair of trail running shoes in my back just in case.