Friday, October 14, 2011

Two novel glute exercises

Bret Contreras specialises in glute training.  I've probably discussed before how the glutes are fundamental to much movement, especially athletic movement and how many of us are poor at using them for various postural and lifestyle reasons.  It is certainly something I discussed in the piece on the dangers of sitting in TGO this month.

Anyway, here Bret  gives a couple of new moves he has discovered (he admits he might not be the first to have thought of these)

He also points to a piece on Core Training that he has put together. I've not read it yet so no comment.


Edward Edmonds said...

I've been doing the first movement at my standing desk for months. Maybe I overlooked a career possibility.

nthmost said...

Looks like the setup for a sidekick or roundhouse kick. Maybe karate and kickboxing are good for something.