Monday, November 7, 2011

Google Reader has messed up my blog

A quick word of apology.

Over on the right of this blog there used to be a widget : What I am reading, which displayed a list of links to pieces that I had read and found interesting.  I know that a lot of readers used it and clicked through the the things that I had highlighted.  This was done through Google Reader - I'd see something I liked in the RSS feeds and click "Share".

Unfortunately, Google has removed that feature from Google Reader, so there is no longer any point in that widget.  Sorry about that, I enjoyed using it.  Google apparantly are trying to drive users to Google+ and this feature seemed to be one that they wanted in G+ rather than Reader.  Unfortunate.


Jeremy said...

I loved that about your blog! I clicked through all the time and found many other interesting sites.

Doug E said...

Me too. Bummer they took away that feature.

Anonymous said...

can you make sth similar, or create a G+ account in which you will +1 and share or relevant links?

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Bummer ... I was going to ask you how you do that! I noticed some traffic from posts of mine you shared (THANKS!!) but noted you didn't share all of them. This seemed more like what I would have liked to do in place of a blogroll, etc. Sigh :(