Saturday, December 17, 2011

Congruent Exercise 3: Injuries are to be avoided

One of the basic precepts in Bill DeSimone's Congruent Exercise (I'd encourage everyone to get a copy) is that :

"The absolute first priority for anyone training with weights should be to avoid a catastrophic injury."

Bill notes that this should be obvious, but points to a series of tragic and disabling accidents that have left people dead or disabled.

I thought this when reading some on the weird thing that is T Nation the other day.  It is a set of tales of catastrophic injuries including a powerlifter who shatters his spine while his pals laugh and triceps torn while benching, trying to present these dangers as acceptable, things to be overcome in a macho drive to success.    Actually it comes across as stupid.  Why the hell glory in disabling movements?

As I have said before:  KEEP IT SAFE


Skyler said...

The "best" part about the article is that the nutball powerlifter turned the guy never training again into a personal failing, like a personality flaw.

And yet this is the bravado that rules the roost. It's not ignorance: its criminal negligence combined with a double digit IQ. Terrible.

Bill said...

Wow, that's a stupid article!

That article and starting to read CE had me thinking back to when I was younger and all of the stupid stuff I used to do when lifting. It's safe to say that not much of it was "congruent". It's amazing that I made it out unscathed.