Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hillfit - An ebook

UPDATE - the book is now available at 

Pretty soon I will be launching a short ebook that I have put together on strength training for the hillwalker / backpacker / hiker.  Walking in the Scottish mountains is my main interest and love.  Much of my training is focussed on making sure I am in shape for that.

I've been writing articles on fitness for the UK magazine TGO for a few months.  This booklet will pull together some of the themes from those pieces but focus really on developing strength through a simple bodyweight HIT style routine.

It should be finalised in a coulpe of weeks and ready for sale on its own website.  It is about 50 pages with some illustrations and a fairly long appendix of references and research to back up what I am saying.   Writing it is only half the battle  -  and that has been hard enough - but the marketing of it will be a challenge!  I am trying to avoid all of the hype filled sales pages, but unfortunately those techniques do seem to work.


Unknown said...

Hi Chris,

Delighted to hear this is coming to fruition for you. I've been following the blog for a long while now and considering your exposure to ideas and consideration of them I've no doubt the content will be first rate.

I'm recently also a budding hill walker and mountaineer and I've no doubt I'll be recommending this to my local club members.


FeelGoodEating said...

Cant wait to order it and read it. I have no hills where I live but I walk for hours at a time on the beach.

Good luck with the release, because of your honest intentions it will be a huge succes and surpass your expectations....mark my words.


Chris said...

Thanks Chris

Chris said...

Thanks Marc and thanks for your support as ever. Congratulations on your engagement!