Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Renaissance of Exercise

Well the book arrived while I was away for Christmas.   I've been reading the Renaissance Exercise blog for a while now, following the interest sparked on the Body By Science forum.  The protocol and indeed the whole philosophy of Renaissance Exercise interested me very much partly because it made sense - it lines up with the position of writers that I have leaned a lot form such as Doug McGuff and Drew Baye - and partly because it appealed to my contrarian leanings.

I'd read a fair amount of the SuperSlow articles that were freely available on the internet - there are several here - so I knew roughly what I was getting into.  Renaissance Exercise's marketing strategy was to drip feed blog posts, generating interest and then to launch their machines at a major event following up with the book itself. Well it worked for me, and I ordered the book.  The price put me off initially but I viewed it as a text book / investment and went for it.  I emailed Drew Baye as well and he highly recommended it and he always comes across as a harsh critic.

320 pages, hardback, ribbon bookmarks, dense with information.  This will be an interesting read.  You can find more on the book here


Anonymous said...

I am glad you bought the book and hope you will be blogging some of it's wisdom.

Must admit, the sales tactics used on this were off-putting, and made me question the credibility of the product, despite having followed this with interest. The pitch video seemed like the worst kind of info-mercial, and the other techniques included lots of spam-oriented stuff where you couldn't see their previews without providing an email address. And self-publishing... I get it, but acting as though scarcity is driving this and that books cannot be printed in small runs these days?

It's sad for me to see these mistakes... how much greater a reach could they have if they stopped treating people like marks, published awesome sample content instead of ridiculous teasers, and self-published through amazon? Just sayin'

Jeff Tomaszewski said...

Dear Anonymous,

This is Jeff Tomaszewski, owner of Overload fitness, and publisher of The Renaissance of Exercise.
I'm very sorry to hear you didn't find value in our videos and launch of this new product. We can't please everyone, nor do we try to. But we are honored to be sharing our passion of this information and unique exercise method with the world.

If our enthusiasm for this great information is perceived by you to be "info-mercial" and "spam oriented" that is disappointing to hear.

Your perception has not been that of our customers. And we accept that having with the thousands of customers we serve, not everyone is going to appreciate the way in which we communicate.

That being said, we greatly cherish and value the relationships we have with all our customers. And we consistently strive to overdeliver in going above and beyond the expectations of those we serve.

I hope in the future, and if you are a customer of ours (your anonymous post here is unclear if you purchased the book or not) that you'll free to contact me directly so that we may address any issues or concerns you may have. My email is, by phone at 440-835-9090 or mailing address 2211 Crocker Road, Suite 120, Westlake, Ohio 44145.

Best Regards,
Jeff Tomaszewski
Co-Owner, Overload Fitness and Reniassance Exercise

Chris said...


I will do a proper review of the book soon. I am reading it slowly and absolutely loving it. It is an amazing text. I was sceptical of the price but it is well worth it. It is a quality product and great content.


Brad said...

Any new comments on the book? thx.

Chris said...

I am still meaning to do a full review but life has intervened recently.

Basically I think it is a fantastic book. It is expensive, but I think it is worth it. Perhaps I am just too rich and happy to throw my cash around, but I've learned things here and seen things expressed so clearly that it is worth the money.