Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dr M C Aldhous - Writer and Editor

Where I was this morning....
 I suppose this is another post about my book  - Hillfit.   The reviews are still coming in and I've collected them on a page here.  As I've said, the reason I train is to get out into the hills, so each trip will be easier, safer and more fun.  This morning was up in my local hills to watch the sunrise.  It was windy but stunning.

Anyway, this post is just to say that a big credit for the quality of the book goes to my editor / proof reader.  Dr M C Aldhous went through the text, proof reading, reference checking and generally tightening up my prose.  Her input was vital in getting the thing together in a decent state such that we were happy to put it up for sale.

It is one thing writing blogs, but pulling together something a bit more substantial and then being audacious enough to try to sell it is a different proposotion, having a proper professional editor was a huge help.

Dr M C Aldhous is an immunologist by profession with a background in HIV and IBD, but she has a sideline in freelance editing, so if you have any writing that you want to have checked over, checked and redrafted, then I would suggest that you get in touch for a quote.  Email her at

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