Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good quote from Coach Rutherford

I heard this as I was walking home last night after a long day at work and a crap week. 

This week Robb Wolf had Michael Rutherford on the podcast  and it was a fun listen, easvesdropping on some pals chatting away really.  One quote stood out:

Your best ally as you age is to take as much muscle mass into your latter years as possible.

Of course it is.


Mary C. Weaver, CSCS said...

Amen. This is what I'm constantly telling my readers, friends, and clients (women over 40). And I'm sorry to say it's still a tough sell for a lot of women.

Many of us females have two beliefs/behavior patterns that mitigate against building appreciable muscle:

1. Fear of the weight room and of "bulking up"

2. A focus on losing "weight" with faddy diets that endanger muscle mass.

I love your blog, BTW, and keep up via RSS feed.

Iwan said...

Yep, muscle is the body's pension plan.

Better if you started to invest early, but it's (almost) never too late to begin, though the longer the delay, the greater the investment and the lower the return.

Gabe A. said...

Now, could it be said that quality is better than quantity I this respect? I have a hard time imagining one needs big muscles as opposed to high quality expression of different fiber types.

Mike said...

very true. Women need to get over their fears of getting "bulky". Considering Osteoporosis has been reduced in women who weight.