Sunday, January 8, 2012

A goody bag?

Yesterday I did what has become my annual 5K run - the BUPA Great Winter Run, here in Edinburgh.  I had not run 5K since the same race last year.  I don't really enjoy running.  Walking is great.  Sprinting too, but running not really.  I think it is a great skill to have but to me it is not really that enjoyable. (Nor really exercise, but that is a different issue.)

Anyway, I got around  in just under 31 minutes which on one level is pretty crap, but I was satisfied with it in that:

  • It is around Arthur's Seat a big hill/mountain in the centre of the city so the first part of the course is up a big incline
  • I have not run like this for a year
  • I was keeping an easy pace, making sure I was not getting out of breath at all
The Goody Bag.....

Enough of the excuses.  What amused me was the goody bag. I think I did a post like this last year, but again I was amazed at the contents, the bits they gave away with the T Shirt:

The crap it contained
  • A quality long sleeve T shirt
  • A bottle of powerade - sugar water....far from healthy
  • A sampler tube of toothpaste
  • Two samplers of deoderant
  • A packet of tissues
  • Jointace Gel - a massage oil for sore muscles
  • A sampler of Dove body lotion
  • A strepsil throat lozenge
  • Biscuits
  • Lo Salt salt substitute
  • Arnica Gel
  • PowerBar Shots
  • An Eat Natural Bar

 It cracks me up how the goody bag is just a marketing opportunity for companies to get samples of all their crap into the hands of lots of their target market.


Chris Sturdy said...

"Goodies" indeed! I can't remember the last time I ran a road race...1998? Good for you to show that you can complete it, breath intact, with no run training!

Herryponting said...
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