Monday, February 20, 2012

Of course you need to drink more...

This one amused me, especially in the light of Matt Stone's recent post!

In the past I've had a few posts up on this blog which had tried to state that the meme of 8 glasses of water a day had no basis in science - for example the Water Myth!

Then this news release pops up on Eureka:

Cranky today? Even mild dehydration can alter our moods

Scary stuff.

But of  course if you read further you get this interesting bit of information:

The dehydration studies were supported by Danone Research of France

Danone?  Oh that's right, Danone sell Evian and Volvic water..... is it any surprise that they want you to drink more of it?!

Get real folks.   The modern obsession with water is a marketing trick.

1 comment:

LeonRover said...

"Added value", my man.

Marketing, even worse than Fruit Yoghurt.