Thursday, July 26, 2012

Creatine in your beer!

Ha.  I know I've been posting a lot on creatine recently but this one that I saw today deserved a post....Scottish Punk Brewer  Brew Dog have brought out a special beer for the Olympics, laced with creatine and other performance enhancers!

Read about it on their blog - Never Mind the Anabolics!

This is Never Mind the Anabolics. A 6.5% India Pale Ale infused with creatine, guarana, ginseng, gingo, maca powder, matcha tea and kola nut.
Why waste time training hard? This little beauty does the hard work for you. Guaranteed to boost your sporting ability in an almost completely legal way. Most of the performance enhancing additives we infused into this ale are banned for professional athletes. But winning by any possible means is the name of the game here.
You can get your paws on the beer here:

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