Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Health Delusion

Rannoch pointed to this blog.  I've been reading it through and there is some great stuff on there.  Check it out.  The Health Delusion is the book and the blog is Health Uncut


Stephan Guyenet said...

The blog seemed so good until he started arguing that the obesity epidemic was caused by inactivity but not by eating too much...

Chris said...

Hi Stephan

Yes I wouldn't agree with everything on the blog but they do have some good material and well written.

Thanks for the comment

What is lasik said...

Those of you who labor under the delusion that health care entitlements are unconstitutional?
Medicare has been around for nearly 45 years now. When do you think it's existence will be successfully challenged in the Supreme Court?

Asclepius said...

From the Beeb (

"The idea that exercise is more important than diet in the fight against obesity has been contradicted by new research.

A study of the Hadza tribe, who still exist as hunter gatherers, suggests the amount of calories we need is a fixed human characteristic.

This suggests Westerners are growing obese through over-eating rather than having inactive lifestyles, say scientists."

Chris said...


Thanks for that. Walking to work this morning I was struck by the truth of this when I saw a couple of obese joggers / fitness walkers go past. Not only should such people be banned from wearing lycra, it emphasises that eat less is more important than move more.

Asclepius said...

You definitely can't out-train a bad diet.

Unknown said...

re wearing lycra, I forget which comedian said it but

"Spandex is a privilege, not an obligation"

particularly funny when they are wearing black tights in 93 degree weather

Anonymous said...

I would agree that the obesity is a food not an activity issue. However, I think it is more about food quality than volume. The poor quality is waht drives the overconsumption, in particular refined carbs and low quality fats.