Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Diet / Training Update

5 September  - a little smoother
A couple of weeks ago I posted a report on how I'd cut a bit of bodyfat, under guidance of Andy from RippedBody.  After that post I took it easy for a couple of weeks on Andy's advice taking a diet break to ease up both psychologically and physically.  For a couple of weeks I stopped counting macros and just ate to appetite.

After those weeks I was actually eager to get back into the routine of dieting and for the last two weeks I've been back at it.  I've a couple of weeks off work coming up when the diet will slip again, but I am comfortable with this approach at the moment and think I can take off a little more fat while building a bit of muscle.

In terms of training I am still on a once a week full body routine of mostly bodyweight moves done in a high intensity style, with a  walk/run in the hills at the weekends.

I am pretty happy with the set up at the moment - it is simple and no great effort.  Still I've been told I am looking too skinny.  You can't win.


Markus said...

Looking great! Awesome transformation, keep at it.

manav said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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Anonymous said...

I've been IF'ing for roughly 10 months now. Although I've achieved great results in terms of body composition, I too am being told all to regularly how skinny I am looking these days! For a former rugby player at a pretty high standard that doesn't sit very well as I continue to mix in such circles. It's amazing how people interpret health on the basis of appearance!'

Ondrej said...

Chris, did you consider upping HIT frequency to 2x a week? McGuff aside, I feel that Harris, Tanner, Baye or Fornicola all somewhat prefer 2x a week if one makes progress. I guess without trainer it's hard to push yourself to the level where once a week would be sufficient stimulus for adding muscle mass...

JamesSteeleII said...


It comes down to our valuation of others perceptions. Personally I quite like being the 'skinny' guy you when gets in the gym and takes his top of in the changing rooms looks damn lean. The 'skinny' guy who when the meat heads have finished grunting and groaning with the Olympic bar warms up his deadlifts with their working set weight. Its quite nice to be deceptively strong. I've had the unfortunate experience of finding out that its also useful when someone makes the mistake of going for you in a club. They don't quite expect what they get in return.

When people say I look 'skinny' which I probably do, I just smile and say thanks.

Ondrej said...

is your run just a jogging, or some kind of intervals? I'd like to know if it positively affects body composition/fat loss or you do it as a form of relaxation with really minimal effect on body recomp...I now do once a week HIT, I thought about 2x a week, but decided to rather increase intensity.